Pultruded Fiberglass Grating

By iComposite International

Why is iComposite Different?

iComposite stocks a large selection of panel sizes of Standard Pultruded Grating and can ship your order Today!

We stock the material we advertise in large volume, offer competitive prices, excellent packaging!  We provide Service and Same Day Shipment OR you can pick your order up locally at our Houston Warehouse!  TODAY!

Pultruded Fiberglass Grating is Double the Strength of Molded Grating. iComposite uses a Large 3-Piece Cross-Rod System located at the Center or Neutral Access of the Bearing Bar and spaced on 6” Centers.  Our Cross-Rods are both Mechanically and Epoxy Bonded into place offering High Strength, Long Lasting and Robust Product.

Standard Pultruded Grating is made from Isophthalic Polyster Resin and covers 1” and 1.5” Tall I-Bar as well as 2” T-Bar Grating.

Custom Pultruded Grating includes special resin systems such as Vinyl Ester, Epoxy, Modar & Phenolic as well as custom profiles, Sizes and Bearing Bar Spacing.

We Stock:

  • Several Types

    I-6010, I-6015 & T5020 Pultruded Grating

  • Standard Stocked Panels

    Standard Stocked Panel Sizes (3 X 20′, 4 X 20’, 4 X 8’, 3 X 12’)

  • Custom Options Available

    Custom Panels, Colors, Resins, Configurations Available on Request

  • Pultruded Stair Treads

    Pultruded Stair Treads 12” Depth X 12’ Long – Yellow with Black D-Nose) / 11” Depth X 12’ Long – Yellow with Yellow D-Nose

  • Stainless Steel Clips

    Stainless Steel Clips available for All Grating Sizes