Molded Fiberglass Grating

By iComposite International

In Stock & Ready for Delivery Today!

We offer very competitive prices for Molded Grating – Fast Shipping and Quality Packaging.

Molded Grating is available in many colors, sizes, configurations and resin systems. iComposite offers a large selection of Molded Grating in Safety Yellow, Gray, Green and Orange – in Stock and ready for delivery Today! All sizes and colors are available we can supply custom Colors, Configurations, Resin Systems and Panel Sizes too! Call us for a quote and availability.

Not all Molded Grating is Created Equal!

The Mold Bar Sizes can vary significantly, so it is important you know what you are buying. iComposite only provides ISO-FR (Isophthalic Fire Retardant) Polyester – we do not stock or sell General Polyester Grating. Isophthalic is a higher grade of Polyester Resin that gives you better corrosion resistance and improved mechanical properties.

iComposite stocks a large selection of grating (over 1000 panels in stock) in both Polyester and Vinyl Ester Resin Systems both Gritted and Non-Gritted Top (Meniscus or Concave Top). We offer very competitive prices for Quality Molded Grating – Fast Shipping and Quality Packaging.

Stock Grating Sizes:

  • 1.0” Tall X 1.5” Mesh

  • 1.5” Tall X 1.5” Mesh

  • 2.0” Tall X 2.0” Mesh

  • Micro Mesh

    0.5” Tall X 2.0” Mesh – Screen Grating

Stock Panel Sizes:

  • 3’ X 10’

  • 4’ X 8’

  • 4’ X 12’

  • 5’ X 10’